‘Is Life Going to be Exciting Again?’ – A member answers


I have been in SLAA for a while now and a¬†question new members ask me when they start coming to meetings is: ‘Will my life be as exciting as it was in the past when I was in active sex and love addiction?’

I remember asking myself the same question in early recovery as I also had a distorted view of reality. Now that I have a better perspective on reality my answer is usually something like this:

I do not find life to be exciting if I am a total mess, living in secrecy and I am lying. Life is not exciting either if I am unfaithful or jumping from one relationship to the other and hurting the people I interact with. How can infidelity, dishonesty, breaking promises and hurting people be exciting for a healthy person?

I also do not find watching porn and masturbating in secrecy, instead of having great sex with someone I love and care about, exciting. Is masturbating in secrecy in front of pixels and lying about it the epitome of excitement? I personally don’t think so.

A healthy, exciting life does exist after entering recovery and doing the work. I am feeling healthier and happier. I am more fit and I engage in healthy activities that provide excitement and personal satisfaction to me. I did not know that such a thing existed until I found it on the recovery path.

Embrace change, work hard, turn your life around and I am sure you will find an exciting new life yourself.

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Research for Female Partners of Sex Addicts

The impact of sex addiction on families of sex addicts is immense. A new research study concentrating on female partners of sex addicts aims at provide insights that might assist to the recovery and healing of those partners.

If you are a female partner of a sex addict and would like to help by filing in the anonymous questionnaire related to the study, please visit: http://www.posaresearch.com

Update: the research has been completed and the results of the study will be published on the site above during the first quarter of 2017.


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