A Pillar of Recovery: The SLAA Singapore Fellowship

There are many methods of recovery.

Some find recovery through therapy. Some through spirituality. Some through help from family and friends. Some through 12 step groups. Some through rehab. Others through reading recovery and self help literature and others through ‘live and learn’.

A Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous Singapore group member reflects:

“My recovery includes a number of things. I do not believe that there is only one single method to recovery, I believe in a combination of tools of recovery and hard work. I am grateful to be sober and healthy today. I am grateful that I have a number of tools or pillars to help me on my recovery path.

I started my recovery path with therapy, SLAA meetings in Singapore, journaling about my experiences and reading recovery literature. I believe that there are competent therapists in Singapore and around the world who can fully understand and can help with sexual and emotional compulsiveness issues. I am grateful because I found one early in my recovery. A strong pillar of support I found early in recovery, and a foundation of my recovery today, is the SLAA fellowship. The SLAA Singapore fellowship made one of the biggest positive contributions to my recovery.

I decided to contribute to this post to give some basic information on sex or love addiction and what is SLAA as provided by Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous Fellowship Wide Services:

Sex and/or love addiction may take several forms – including (but not limited to) a compulsive need for sex, extreme dependency on one person (or many), and/or a chronic preoccupation with romance, intrigue or fantasy. Sex and love addiction may also take the form of a compulsive avoidance of giving or receiving social, sexual, or emotional nourishment.

We have found that obsessive/compulsive patterns exist in which relationships or sexual activities have become increasingly destructive to career, family and sense of self-respect. Sex and love addiction leads to ever worsening consequences if it continues unchecked.


Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who help each other to stay sober. They offer the same help to anyone who has an addiction to sex and/or love and wants to do something about it. Since S.L.A.A. members are all addicts themselves, they have a special understanding of each other and the disease. They know what the illness feels like and they have learned how to recover from it through S.L.A.A.

©2004 The Augustine Fellowship, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Fellowship-Wide Services, Inc.

In recovery they say that you can only give what you freely receive. Well, the SLAA fellowship and meetings opened the door to a new positive dimension to my path to a healthy life. I am sober, feeling well and I am grateful. Thank you for allowing me to share about my recovery”.

There are a number of tools and paths to a healthy life and recovery from sex or love addiction. If your believe that SLAA Singapore is a tool and method you would like to try feel free to reach out. You are not alone.

About Sex and Love Addiction Singapore

A blog for those who wish to receive help from compulsive patterns linked to sex or love. A recovery blog where we share experience, strength and hope on the road of recovery from sex and love addiction.
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