Am I compulsive around Sex and Love? – The Self Diagnosis Test

In the Characteristics of Sex and Love Addiction post, another SLAA resource which many have found helpful is mentioned. This is the Self Diagnosis Test.

A SLAA member reflects:

“I came across this test in early recovery and decided to take it. I answered yes to many of the 40 questions. In the end it did not matter how many ‘yes’ I ticked. What mattered was that many of the questions were spot on. They made me realize that I did have an issue with compulsiveness around sex and love and I needed help. I reached out to the local SLAA group more than three years ago and since then my life has changed for the better, much better. For more info on how my life has changed please see my story in the 2 part posts titled ‘Addicted to Sex and Love’.”

If you are new to recovery and you were wondering whether to reach out for help, please feel free to take the Self Diagnosis Test. Please remember that the questions are used to help you think whether you display compulsive behavior around sex and love, it is not so much about the total score. I know people in recovery who answered yes in most questions and others who answered yes to less than half. Both groups of people though realized through the questions that they did have a problem and reached out for help.

Please see below the link to the Self Diagnosis Test on the SLAA Singapore website:

If you are new to recovery and you are seeking help from compulsive behavior linked to sex and love, reach out for help. You are not alone.

Sex and love addict – Singapore

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A blog for those who wish to receive help from compulsive patterns linked to sex or love. A recovery blog where we share experience, strength and hope on the road of recovery from sex and love addiction.
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