Sex and Love: Are you harming yourself or others?

Sex and/or love addiction can have devastating consequences on self or others or both. Here are some questions to help reflect on this:

  • Is your sex or love life making you feel guilty or ashamed on repeated occasions?
  • Do you have a sexual or emotional attachment habit you find it difficult to stop? Do you tell yourself you will stop and you end up going back for more?
  • Do you fantasize about porn images or other people while you have sex or in the company of the person you are in a relationship with?
  • Are you having sex or an emotional attachment outside your relationship or marriage?
  • Do you obsess about love or about a relationship with a certain individual who is unavailable or not the right person for you but you cannot stop?
  • Do you have sex or an emotional affair with a married or unavailable person?

If any of the above ring true in any way then perhaps you should take the SLAA self diagnosis questions test. The test will help you decide whether it’s time for you to reach out for help.

About Sex and Love Addiction Singapore

A blog for those who wish to receive help from compulsive patterns linked to sex or love. A recovery blog where we share experience, strength and hope on the road of recovery from sex and love addiction.
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