I Took Twelve Steps and Entered A New Life – A Member’s Journey

I completed the Twelfth Steps more than a year ago. I am sober and well and my marriage is slowly recovering from the havoc and pain I caused through my past acting out.

How is life now? My outlook is positive and I accept what life brings my way. I do not have to resort to acting out when I experience setbacks or bad days. I am calmer, more peaceful in the face of adversity. I am vigilant concerning my boundaries, they protect my sobriety which is precious to me. I connect a lot more with the good things that happen in my life.

I aim to live a good life without hurting myself or anyone around me. Kindness and compassion are daily goals and so is the healing and flourishing of my marriage.

When I completed the 12 steps my sponsor told me: ‘Congratulations, you completed an amazing journey which lasted more than the duration of a university degree’. I smiled, he was right. I did go to university and I can tell you that what I have learned through the Twelve Steps journey so far is far superior to a university degree. Most university degrees do not guide you on how to live life, how to build a new life, how to become a better person, how to experience new healthy ideals on sex and love.

I can go on and on in regards to what I learned so far through the Twelve Steps but since a healthy and happy life is a journey and not a destination, and I am still learning, I will leave that for subsequent posts.

I would like to finish this post with the last paragraph of the Twelfth Step from the Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous Basic Text book:

“We know that as we continue to live our recoveries in SLAA that we are indeed engaged in the great adventure of discovering true freedom of the human spirit. We have received, and continue to receive, many blessings we would not have known how to ask for. Life is open-ended, and wonderful. New chapters in well-being await us.”

About Sex and Love Addiction Singapore

A blog for those who wish to receive help from compulsive patterns linked to sex or love. A recovery blog where we share experience, strength and hope on the road of recovery from sex and love addiction.
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