The Science of Porn Addiction


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When The Grass Looks Greener On The Other Side

“When the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, I start watering my own lawn.”

Many sex and love addicts constantly look over the fence. In active addiction many of us wanted more sex, more love, for something ‘more exciting’ than what we had, thinking that the other side was better than our side of the fence. Many of us would ‘jump the fence’ to check out the grass on the other side. We would ignore the fact that we were married or in a relationship or that what we were doing was wrong.

Acting out never provided a real solution to our problems. The solution only came when we entered recovery. Many of us in recovery realized that happiness lies in appreciating and nurturing what you have. Many of us became grateful and fulfilled with what we have in our lives and we no longer take it for granted. We no longer take for granted our marriages or relationships, our partners, our recovery, our health, our new life.

The grass on our side of the fence is green because we now take care of it. We now know that it has the potential to grow into the greenest, most amazing lush colour if we water it, we take care of it, we appreciate it.

We no longer look over any fence. We appreciate our own lawn. This is where the real rewards and the real treasure is.

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