About Sex and Love Addiction Recovery

 This blog aims at providing information and help for people who realise that they are facing repeated issues with sex or love. It is a recovery blog where people can gain access to information and their struggles, experiences, progress and strength in recovery from sex or love addiction.

While this blog is a proponent of the 12 step model recovery, the authors of this blog believe that recovery and help can come from many resources including therapists, recovery books and videos, self help programs, rehabilitation centers and other ways that lead to a healthy, joyful life.

Anyone who wants to get out of a cycle of obsession with certain behaviours related to sex and or love or continuation of such behaviours that could prove to be harmful to oneself and to others is welcome to explore information provided on this blog.

If you identify with issues and consequences related to sex and love compulsiveness we encourage you to read on and seek help. You can start with research on the various resources available and choose what you believe is right for you. You can reach out to Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous groups around the world, other ‘S’ fellowships, qualified therapists, support or rehab centers, recovery books or other methods of recovery that suit you. The important thing if you believe you have a problem is to gain the willingness to do something about it.

May your recovery start and flourish from here onwards.

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